Thursday, January 14, 2010


As one who experienced the generosity of the entire world in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I would like to do something, in my own small way, to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders, who are faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Here are the rules:

Go to Doctors Without Borders and make a donation in any amount you can afford.  Be sure to click on the option for emergency relief, so that your donation is immediately available for relief in Haiti.

Then come back here, and leave a comment stating that you donated and listing the amount (the amount will be used only for me to report how much money was raised through this informal fundraiser).

Please make your donation between now and midnight on January 31st.

On February first, as my way of saying "Thank you," I will write each donor's name on a slip of paper, and draw at random five names for five different prizes.   

Whether you donate $5 or $5000, the amount you donate will have no effect on your chance of winning.


Two 200-yard skeins of handpainted Wool In The Woods "Cyclone" yarn in the "Spring Fest" colorway.

One skein of the Knitting Asylum's handspun mixed-wool blend, "Driftwood" in natural sheep colors, 160 yards.

One skein of the Knitting Asylum's handspun silk/merino blend in violet, teal and gold, 172 yards.

These prizes shown below:


One stitch marker necklace from the delightful Shannon, made from shells and Czech glass beads.

One "Good to Go" nylon project tote.

These are shown below:

Not pictured:  two boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts donated by Lisa Louie.

I will try to improve the photo quality tomorrow.

Please donate.  Thank you.

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