Friday, July 22, 2005

London Calling...

The phone call goes like this:

one ringy-dingy....two-ringy dingy...three ringy-dingy...

"Hello, America? We Brits are much too polite to ask this ourselves, so we found this weird woman in Louisiana who will inquire on our behalf.

Ahem... so... we were wondering ...

Where is the moral support from our American friends? You do remember, on 9/11, that we played the American National Anthem at the Changing of the Guard? And gave our tangible support in other ways as well? Granted, our loss of life and landmarks was not nearly as vast as that awful day in your country, but could we please see just a bit more support and moral outrage from you Yanks? Thank you ever so much. It appears that we have another terrorist mess to clean up today, so we really must be going now."

-- England

God save the Queen, and all of our British friends.



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