Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's More Than A Ceiling ....

It is a ceiling with the lights turned on.

If you live in, say, Los Angeles or Denver or Cleveland Heights, having a light that actually turns on so you can see what you are painting in the bathroom is rather unremarkable, assuming you have paid your utility bill.

However, in New Orleans, nine months after Katrina, finally having electricity at your Mom's house is something to celebrate.

To celebrate this event, the functioning light fixture gets a post of its very own. The light fixture wants you to know that it is delighted to finally be able to do its job -- and, being a new light fixture, it wants to prove itself worthy. It's helping me see what I'm doing in the bathroom, which will come in handy when I get out the fine brush to fill in the blue paint up to the ceiling, to fill in that gap you see there and have a nice, crisp edge.

Light. How wonderful. There has been no light for so long we have to remember to flip switches instead of reaching for a flashlight.

Wherever you are, go in your bathroom, turn on the light, rejoice and do a happy dance. Not for me, not for Mom, but for the fact that you have lights in your house anytime you want them.

There are still a couple of hundred thousand folks in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast who don't.



At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

And a lovely blue it is! Congratulations on such a milestone!

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Dez Crawford said...

Thanks, Barbara ... it is actually Siamese cat-eye blue. Mom picked it out. She is choosing very festive colors for the interior.


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