Monday, December 31, 2007

Into 2008

I am starting to believe in the power of publishing one's New Year's resolutions for all of one's blog readers to see.

My top resolution for 2007 was:

"Do everything within my own personal power to make 2007 not suck."

Toward that end, I managed to at least face, if not conquer, most of the resolutions on last year's list, and indeed, 2007 sucked a great deal less than 2006.

Going back to my 2007 New Year's post, I can report that:

I have lost five pounds, not twenty. But hey: five is five.

Closets have indeed been cleaned. All but the tool closet, anyway. One must be realistic. A good deal of junk, obsolete computer components, paperback novels, ill-fitting clothing and other miscellany have either found new lives as garage sale merchandise, or as charitable donations.

I have not read (or re-read) one classic book each month, but I have managed one per season: Origin of Species early in 2007, Pride and Prejudice in the summer, Walden in the fall, and, this month, the poems of Robert Frost.

Speaking of whom, I was saddened today to read in the news of vandals breaking into and damaging Robert Frost's historic home. The vandals apparently thought that breaking into the home and using the antique wicker furniture for firewood was a good way to celebrate the holiday weekend. Barfing in the parlor also occurred. Police believe it was a group of juveniles.

I hope they catch the brats who trashed Frost's place. Their behavior speaks of a combination of self-indulgence and abject stupidty that makes me want to spank them and spank their parents.

Extra licks for the parents.

I've loved Frost since adolescence, and I have two favorite quotes:

"A civilized society is one that tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity."


"The best way out is through."

The lofty goal of "better understanding finances" was simplified to "better organizing finances," and progress was made toward that end.

The ridiculously lofty goal of "stop trying to be all things to all people" has been abandoned. That one might require therapy. Or more yarn. We shall reconsider.

The humble goal of taking multivitamins and calcium each day: accomplished on most days. Likewise with the drinking more water resolution. Eating healthier leaves something to be desired but we're eating a lot less in the take-out and frozen dinner division than we were in the aftermath of Katrina, so that's progress.

Getting to bed earlier. Not so much. Still working on the insomnia and also on the not trying to be Superwoman thing, so midnight laundry still prevails chez Mambocat.

Career goals: getting my consulting business off the ground has been bumpy, but it's still happening. Happening on a smaller scale than I would like, but happening.

Creative goals: getting patterns ready for sale: that's starting to happen, albeit very late in the year.

Spend more time with friends and family. Yes. Not as much as I'd like, but I've had more of that, especially real-life face time.

Flossing daily? Maybe not so much. But more often? Yes.

Walking outdoors each day? I was really good about this when it was not raining or blistering hot, but not so much once summer kicked in. Either way, at least I walked outdoors more often, especially in the spring and fall. Still, I'm doing one hour on the treadmill at the YMCA twice a week, regardless of weather, and at least one outdoor walk per week.

Stash organizing? Major progress. Not in any kind of spreadsheet-and-labels way that other people can understand, but in terms of household tidiness and being (mostly) out of sight when not in use, great progress has been made.

Buying less yarn? Admittedly, my real goal was not to buy every single skein of yarn that made me go "ooooh." And I have been prettty good in that respect.

In 2007 I accomplished some big things. In New Orleans, Mom's house is repaired. Here at home, I have started selling my handspun at the arts market (on the creative front) and I am also close to launching some patterns along with Lisa Louie (creative front also) and I am trying to get my consulting business going (on the work front). Dave is doing better, I've been in touch with friends and family more often, I've visited my dear friend Leef, and I am taking better care of myself.

And you, dear readers? What's high on your list for 2008? I've found that reachable goals are highly motivating. What are some of yours?

Happy New Year to you all! May 2008 bring wonderful things to each and every one of you.



At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Margo Lynn said...

I told the others in my knitting group that I have made three yarn-related resolutions for 2008, all the while trying to be realistic so I have a shot at success:

1) To minimize yarn purchases (knowing full well that I may have to buy yarn at DFW Fiber Fest and Rhinebeck!) in 2008 and try to make as much from yarn in my stash as possible.
2) To finish at least 2/3 of the UFOs I have here.
3) To not buy more yarn for charity stuff until I have used up a full box of the yarn I have. And I am not allowing myself to cheat by just giving it away.

I then counted the UFOs, and I have nine or ten, with two others that may be here and may be somewhere in the stored stuff waiting for me to have a real place to live once life settles down. I also told myself I could not cast on a new thing (other than charity stuff) until I get three UFOs finished. I may have to see if a shop with buttons is open on New Year's Day, if not it will be a Saturday project. I am being good and not counting the shawl I finished on December 28th. But I have a pair of socks well into #2, a scarf that I carry back and forth on the train to work, and that cardigan in need of buttons, so it could be soon. If I get stuck on something there's a vest in Iro that's well past the underarms on both front and back and looking hopeful.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Dez, a very happy New Year to you! Um, I thought midnight laundry was normal. . . I've made a few resolutions, but I only make resolutions that I know I'll keep, and have fun with. Let's see -- the pair of socks per month challenge resumes, and I get to keep 4 of the pairs. (Little kid socks for CIC and infant socks for A4A don't count). I'm going to make myself a sweater, with yarn I already own. And here's the only resolution along standard lines: I will not buy every sock yarn I like! True, I may never see it again. . . but I'll always be able to find a new one I like. In fact, I can find several I like right here at home. Fially, I borrowed a friend's tradition, and shared it with more friends, of casting on a new project on New Year's Day. First thing I did this morning after making coffee. May the year continue thus!

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Ronni said...

Happy New Year Dez!

I'm glad you had such a successful time with your resolutions in 2007. Me, not so much. I'm still considering if I even want to do resolutions for this year. If I do, stop procrastinating is going to have to drop off the list right away.

At 7:36 AM, Blogger Redheadskydiver said...

Happy new year! No resolutions for me just daily progress to my lifetime goals. I did manage to lose ~45 pounds in 2007 which was good but I'm not done yet! Oh, and be sure to come check out the little contest I'm running over at my blog!


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