Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Real Quick:

You want cotton? You get cotton.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the yarn I will have available at the Arts Market this Saturday, May 3. Each colorway is one pound of best quality 100% cotton worsted mill-ends, hand-dyed for your summer knitting projects. If you buy the entire batch of one colorway, you'll have enough for a cotton vest, a baby blanket, or a summer tank top -- and if you buy the whole batch, you'll also get ten percent off! This quality base yarn is very soft, washes and wears well, and is fun to knit. Size 8-10 (US) needles are recommended, depending on how you knit.

The blue is a very subtle color gradient called "Surfin' Safari" and it is already dry and was hung on the line for the photo. I had planned a somewhat less subtle blue color gradient, but dyeing with cotton is an adventure sometimes, and the results can surprise you. Either way, I like the result.

The longer color sequences are popular now, so I thought I'd give it a go. Sopping wet on the hangers, we have the flamingo combination of hot pink, white and black called "Spanish Town" (Baton Rouge natives will know why) and the lime-and-pink combo with a hint of white, called "Uptown Girl."

All of these have been washed and thoroughly rinsed several times and should not bleed or run, but I always advise that you wash finished items separately in cold water on the gentle cycle, using a mild, colorsafe detergent or a gentle shampoo. Add a handful of salt to the wash water for extra security. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Alternately, have boldly colored items cleaned professionally.

This cotton can be machine dried.

I will also have a small selection of handspun, hand-dyed soysilk (a new fiber for me) and a selection of handdyed and handspun wool, alpaca and other handspun fibers for those of you working on socks or thinking ahead for next winter.

If I have time, I may be able to skein off and dye the last of this batch of nice cotton mill ends for a surprise colorway.

The Arts Market has outgrown the church parking lot and will likely be relocated in an alternate parking lot on Fifth street, one-half block south of the Farmer's Market. If you can't find us, just ask a staff member inside the Breada market (the indoor staff wears Breada shirts) and of course, if it rains, the Arts Market and the Farmer's Market will take place inside the parking garage at 5th and Main, adjacent to the Breada Market.

The market will be open from 8am till noon. Hope to see my local customers ... and thanks for your ongoing support!

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At 11:05 PM, Blogger ashpags said...

Hey Dez, these look awesome! The colorway on the right reminds me of watermelon. =)


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