Monday, November 03, 2008

Coming Up For Air...

I am remiss

It has become my bloggerly tradition to write something thoughtful on Halloween, something about the flow and rhythm of the most ancient forces within us. 

But this Halloween, I was doing something else.

I was opening a yarn and spinning shop.

And even though I am only sparsely stocked so far, I decided to open anyway, and to invite my knitting and spinning friends and arts market customers, and to offer refreshments, and see what happened.

Enthusiasm was generated... 

Fun was had.  

Socks were modeled...

...and I closed up the shop after dark so we could all get home for our respective plans for the rest of Halloween evening.

And then ...

I woke up November first with a raging case of the flu, so for the past two mights I have banished myself to the couch so I could shiver, sweat, thrash around and be miserable without making anyone else sick.  But the fever broke today, and back to the shop I go, to continue with getting inventory in, and getting credit card machines set up, and suchlike.

By mid-November, I should have a presentable inventory, but you are welcome to drop in and watch the shop take shape before them if you are so inclined.

Knitting Asylum
Yarns and Spinning
8231 Summa Drive, Suite B
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809

10-2:30 Tuesday
10-6 Wednesday thru Saturday

I will be open, but under-stocked, this week, but I should be better stocked next week (Novemver 11).

Summa Drive runs parallel to the Interstate between Essen Lane and Bluebonnet.  

My shop is in the Camden office park, a few blocks from Essen, near Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (the hospital you can see from space).  The shop is in the rear of the office park.

There is so much to do in the next few weeks .. yarn and fibers to order, spinning wheels and spindles coming in the doors, along with a small selection of weaving supplies.  There will be handmade soaps to discourage moths from your stash, hand-tooled needles, and jewel-like stitch markers from local artisans.  

I am not planning to try to carry every available yarn in the universe -- Knits by Nana already has a vast selection of excellent knitting yarns, and my shop will largely be chock full of spinning wheels and fibers.  However, I will be carrying several yarns that Nana's does not carry, and I will also offer good finds with discontinued yarns and mill ends.  More details are coming on these yarns as my accounts get approved.

I will also have gently used spinning wheels, spindles and knitting books and supplies.

There is so much more ... classes to plan, displays to create .... and it will be so much fun to watch this grow.

I am looking forward to seeing my readers at the shop, whether you live nearby or you stop in while traveling.

P.S. -- a note to the Knitivity contest winners.  I had planed to pack up your goodies and get them in the mail Saturday morning, but I decided against touching the prizes until this bug has past.  I don't want to send you the flu through the mail.   I am sure you don't want this bug -- trust me.   Hopefully your macadamia nuts have arrived by now, to keep you busy while you wait.



At 11:29 AM, Blogger Vicki said...

Don't worry about mailing the packages until you're feeling better. I can wait. :-)

How cool! Your own yarn shop!

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Marina said...

So sorry I couldn't make it to the opening! (A bit far to drop in, I'd say.)
There's no real hurry, as I am back on DNK orders, due to a very stubborn infection, post-surgery on my right thumb. sigh.
All this is good for building character, or so my DM used to tell me. I do appreciate your concern for our health ;-) and hope that you are feeling much much better very soon!

At 2:40 PM, Blogger turtlewoman said...

Congratulations on the opening of your own shop. :-D I am curious however - have you left your work with the animal shelter? And another question - since I live in AZ will you be providing any online/mail order shopping? I'm anxious to see your website which I'm sure you have planned, if not for right away, then probably in the future.



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