Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The random blogger posts again.

One of my New Year's resolutions was: update my blog more often. This is my first post this year. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, so at least I am doing better than I did last year.

If I were not so damn superstitious ("watch out what you ask for, you just might get it,") I would wish for more leisure time in which to knit and blog and take photos with our first-ever digital camera.

Instead, I will briefly post today, and at a later date I will figure out how to upload pictures and all that good stuff.

Finished Objects since my last post include:
  • a calf-length ruana done predominantly in Lane Borgosesia "Spectrum," which has been aging in my stash since 1994 ...
  • a large, partly-cabled Poncho-For-Me done in double-stranded sock yarn from a five-pound cone of anonymous salsa-red Italian wool I puchased at a New Orleans yarn store closeout sale several years ago, and, even after knitting a fingertip-length poncho, I still have almost half the yarn left over, which is now telling me it wants to be a Cables After Whiskey sweater ...
  • a feather-and-fan pattern lace poncho in red cotton, sized to fit a young teen or petite adult...
  • a brown, grey, cream, and teal poncho for my husband, done in Lion Brand Thick'n'Quick in a stranded pattern imitating his favorite Mexican blanket, which, being a very manly poncho, has been dubbed the "Go Ahead, Make My Poncho." The finished poncho looks way ethnic - he could go herd llamas in the Andes with this thing, and fit right in, at least until somebody got up close and realized he's of Scots-Cajun ancestry..
  • half a dozen wild Christmas scarves
  • as many socks, mostly in Opal
  • one purse
  • one set of fingerless mittens
  • and ... one beret

On the needles:

  • a lace shawl of my own design in handspun, handpainted sock-weight yarn in shades of emerald, midnight, ruby and burgundy ... I should point out that although I do handspin, this particular yarn was handspun and dyed by a close friend and not by me. NO color pooling so far. I am making careful notes on this pattern as I design it as I do believe this will be a winner to show off handpainted yarns.
  • a traditional fisherman's gansey. It is traditional in that the top half of the body and sleeves are heavily cabled and texture-patterned, while the bottom part carries a simple, all-over texture pattern. It also has traditional underarm gussets, and a cable grows out of each side of the neck, runs across the shoulder and down the arm. It is un-traditional in that is is made of Inca Alpaca in a fantastic shade of cat-eye-green, and the cable running down shoulder and arm shall be June Oshiro's DNA cable pattern ...
  • a wool beret, 90% done, a state in which it must languish until I can find even a partial ball of Lang "Vera" Stretch Yarn in navy blue ...
  • an oddball scarf that will suit someone next Christmas ...
  • and, two pair of socks.

So, I've caught up enough to say that I have posted today. Now, to find something green to wear tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day -- hopefully it will stay chilly enough so I can wear my favorite old green sweater.



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