Sunday, October 29, 2006

This Has Nothing Whatsoever
To Do With Knitting

This is what happens when you are working on character notes for a short story, and you leave the room to answer a phone, and you forget that a cat is in the room with the computer.

If you enlarge the photo by clicking on the lower right hand corner, and look at the top half of the screen (I inserted some white space to set it off from the rest of the text) you will see an unedited version of what happens when said cat decides to stroll upon the keyboard and make editorial comments on your work.

Apparently, said feline believes my work sucks eggs -- and rotten ones at that -- as you can see from the prominent "EEEEEEWWWWW" repeated several times. He even made certain to capitalize so I did not miss his point.

It's bad enough when people do this to me. In fact, I wish people were honest enough to get right to the point and say, "EEEEWWWW" instead of carrying on about literary devices. Just out with it, already -- "EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW."

But when a cat reads my work and is emphatic about saying "EEEEEEWWWW" over and over -- well, that just bites.

The nerve to leave such a comment, especially after leaving all those nose-smears all over the screen. This, after I provide Science Diet, and canned treats, and toys, and soft knitty things to sleep upon.

Do you think he is upset because there isn't a cat in the story?

Okay, okay, I'll put a cat in the story. A stray cat will appear, and be saved by our protagonist, who is a very nice and resourceful lady.

Just stay off the keyboard.



At 6:57 PM, Anonymous oneken/unokhan said...

and there you have in black and white the difference between an editor and a crrritic --an editor would have contented herself with merely a sufficiency of E's & W's and --if she were a dog-- most likely lowercase


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