Sunday, January 07, 2007

Forty-Six Equals Ten

Things I Have Done So Far in 2007 To Create Knitting Time and Avoid Tax:

1. Yesterday was Twelfth Night, so I had to take down the tree and put away the Christmas decorations and put the tree at the curb to be recycled, and then today I had to do this:

2. Have a birthday. Since my birthday falls at the beginning of Mardi Gras season, I get to have a King Cake if I want, instead of a regular birthday cake. People in other parts of the world only get to have King Cakes on January 6th. We get 'em from Twelfth Night up until Mardi Gras Day. For those of you who don't have a tradition of Twelfth Night, King Cake is essentially an oversized cinnamon-roll log, which is bent into a ring shape, and then it is drowned in icing, which is further engulfed in colored sugar sprinkles. A King Cake is nothing but sugary, fatty deliciousness, and it goes quite nicely with Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.

Today I am 46. That number sounds good.

If you add 4 and 6, you get ten.

I think I will be ten today. Bring on the cake! And where's my treehouse, so I can go hide and knit all day long, because it's my birthday and I can do anything I want?

3: I also did this:

Lots of this. Because it is my birthday, I can knit all day if I want to. And eat cake without worrying about whether or not I can zip up my pants tomorrow.

Because I am ten.

4. We have really, really clean litterboxes.

5. Flossed teeth.

6. Went to the YMCA yesterday to make up for today's cake in advance -- not sure if this counts as tax avoidance, because it does sort of count as keeping a New Year's resolution, considering the cake and all. Someone once told me that birthday cake has no calories if it's your own birthday. It's like a birthday present from the Cake Goddess. I'll buy that. Going to the gym also creates knitting time, whenever I can wrench the recumbent bicycle machine away from the way-too-skinny guy who spends most of his waking hours on it. I really wish he'd go try out the Spinner bikes, or something. The recumbent bike is the only excercise thingy I can knit on. I'm too spastic to knit on the stairclimber or anything else you have to hang onto.

7. Made solemn note of Elvis Day by playing some Blue Suede Shoes and cleaning the bathroom yesterday. January 8th is Elvis' birthday, and I'm sure that the elders in the Church of Elvis would be quick to point out that the King died on the toilet, so it's important to make sure that your bathroom gets a good cleaning so it is presentable on Elvis Day. Especially the throne.

8. Updated blog (see?).



At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Gae Fenske said...

From one who turned 63 on Twelfth Night (see, I'm only 9 !) - Many Happy returns and enjoy the cake.

Do you know - my mother let me think for years that the Christmas tree ONLY stayed up to twelfth night as a special concession for my birthday. I am sure she would have ripped it down on Boxing Day - our hot summer Christmases are NOT kind to 'real' trees, and Mum was a fiend for tidiness, and all those dropping needles were offensive.

All the best,

Gae, in hot sunny Callala Bay

At 7:19 AM, Anonymous mary lou said...

Happy Birthday! We of the Irish ancestry persuasion always left decorations up until Twelfth Night. Anything left up after January 6th brought bad luck into the home. That King Cake could be a hand-dyed sock colorway. you are too funny, I'm just recovering from the Valium Salt Lick idea, which I've shared with my horsey buds, and now you send me to the 24hourchurchofelvis. NOT that other site. A reminder to all of us to pay for those domain names...

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Dez Crawford said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

At 4:38 PM, Anonymous linda said...

Happy Birthday Dez!!

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous oneken said...

lol. no stranger to king cakes, i too thot for a second all those sugar colors were part of a knittery something.

your drollery always rox my sox.

may you have a grand and extraordinary year now that you are ten (me too, tho the math is different)


we brought from alabama our fourth (and no more!) rescue pup, who caught the eye of my best friend sally, who volunteers at a shelter in Dothan, who got her start there during the 2005 dog emergency..... the big wheel keeps turning...

At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Laura Gallagher said...

Yesterday my daughter saw me catch up on your blog, and exclaim over your king cake. (my husband, who grew up in New York - "what's THAT?")

Today, she has been told, is Martin Luther King Jr.'s day.

So, she says "Do I get a King cake?"

Um. So here I am trying to explain to her that we don't actually get King cakes for MLK Jr.'s birthday, and she's asking then can she have a king cake TOMORORW? and I'm trying to explain we're in Fort Worth, honey, I don't think we can GET a king cake here...

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

A belated happy birthday! I was in the Carribean, and missed your festive event. Hope it was great!


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