Saturday, February 24, 2007

Before we get on
to knitting:

This is what my husband wants to eat for breakfast.

Purina Clown Chow.

Granted, Dave is old enough to know better, and it is his birthday today, so he can eat whatever he wants. But he also eats this when it is not his birthday.

And since it is his birthday, he gets birthday socks, fetchingly modeled by our eldest, Tessie ...

Among other things, Dave's birthday adventures will include the Traditional Annual Birthday Bookstore Splurge. As a knitter, I feel privileged to be married to a Pisces man who does not fear the judicious use of color. And yes, you have seen socks very much like these on this blog recently. Dave saw mine and wanted a pair of his very own in the exact same colors. Who am I to refuse?

Y'all, it is already spring today, and while I am sure some of you folks in Toronto and Yonkers and maybe even in Patagonia might envy us, it's disturbing for me to have spring arrive before St. Patrick's Day. Not because I don't like spring. But in South Louisiana, winter is short enough already as it is, and the early arrival of spring does not herald an extended season of lovely spring weather. It merely portends the early onset of summer, when sun is the enemy.

Granted, the leaves have not unfurled on the critical trees which officially usher in spring -- not even a blush of green on the cypress and crepe myrtles -- so I can cling to the hope of another cool front or two. But the Japanese plum, redbud trees, red clover and other flowering things are starting to get busy.

Birthday socks for Dave were completed on time, but due to a screw-up on the part of the cable-internet people, I only got Mom's sweater finished up to the joining of armpits and sleeves.

Whoops! Sorry! Moms don't have armpits. Especially Southern moms. I meant to say, "lower armholes."

Mom got an IOU on the nearly done sweater and received other goodies for her birthday. She turned 39 again, by the way (it always amazes me how much younger than me my mother is). I was also tickled that my dear cousin Andrea could join us for Mom's birthday dinner. Andrea was one of the first victims ... er, I mean recipients ... of my knitterly adventures back when we were kids.

I should be able to finish Mom's sweater this weekend, allowing for the vagaries of the weather and the cable-internet people. There just might be one more cold front in store for us, so she may have a chance to wear it once or twice before next winter. We shall see.

"Wait a dadgum minute," you say. "And don't try to distract me with all that drivel about armpits and the weather. How are the cable-internet people responsible for you not finishing Mom's sweater on time? "

Simple. When I went to babysit my new office space and wait for the cable-internet guy to show up, I brought only Dave's unifinished second sock, which had only half a foot and the toe to go. I should have been wise enough to recognize the sort of Bad Cable Installation Karma that I was invoking by not taking Mom's sweater-in-progress along as well, and of course, as we all know, when the cable dude says he'll be there "sometime" between 9am and 6pm, he shows up at 5:15.

And the sock was finished by ten.

If I had brought along Mom's unfinished sweater, that would have allowed me the excuse of several uninterrupted hours of internet-less time at my office, in which I could have knitted the yoke of Mom's sweater, but no. I found myself with finished socks, and unable to run out for Mom's sweater, because if I did, of course, that would be the exact moment the cable guy chose to arrive at my door, and I would have missed him. Thus is the capricious nature of the Cable Internet Goddess as she directs her minions.

So instead of knitting the yoke of Mom's sweater, I found myself doing what work I could manage in a halfway-moved-into office: unpacking file boxes, throwing away outdated materials, that sort of thing.

Since my office has been what's distracted me from my blogly and knitterly duties for the past couple of weeks, I'll bring you up to date. I finally found some affordable office space for the purpose of grant-writing, meeting and planning for a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in our city. Our goal will be to provide at-cost spay and neuter services, caregiver education, and to create a client relationship with the caregiver of a freshly sterilized pet and the veterinarian of their choice, for the pet's ongoing health needs.

I will be going through the 501 (C) 3 process -- for my international readers, that means I will be generating prodigious amounts of paperwork to convince the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that we are indeed operating a humane services clinic and not laundering money for the Mafia, although I could probably afford to spay a whole lot more animals if I were.

I am sub-leasing office space from a nice massage therapist who has an extra space in her suite. We share a waiting room, restroom and break/copier area. Exept for the scary peach-and-teal drapes, it's a pleasant space, centrally located, and convenient for the other people with whom I must meet over the next several months to get this project off the ground. The best part is, the rental is month-to-month, as I hope we will soon be able to move our operations into a proper vet clinic as funding and equipment manifests.

I suspect that my office space is having a bit of an identity crisis, because the landlord, who was the prior occupant of this space, was a prodigious Mary Kay distributor (she even left a pink couch in the waiting area), who recently retired. After so many years of Mary-Kay-coordinated pinkness going on in there, my room is suddenly full of file boxes and folding tables and pet supplies and a motley crew of people scurrying about in humane society T-shirts and scarcely a shred of makeup in sight.

I hope the office doesn't mind too much.

More soon. I have a birthday dinner to get ready.


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At 8:21 PM, Blogger Criquette said...

As a former resident of New Orleans and present resident on the prairie where there are 4 true seasons, I offer my condolences and I'll burn my King Cake scented grisgris candle on your behalf to keep spring at bay for another month or so! (And no, I don't always write such long run-on sentences.) Spay/neuter rox!

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Joan said...

Love the socks! And may I offer you our weather for later today, snow mixed with sleet and freezing rain topped with a fresh coating of pure ice? You may freely have it as we here in the Northeast are truly tired of it. Just a thought!

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Gae Fenske said...

Greetings to your eldest, Tessie, from OUR Ancient of Days - Vegemite.

Normally Vegemite is that blacky-brown yeast spread that Australians are so attached to (having grown up with it) and Americans are so bemused by....

And since the cat is exactly the same shade of blacky-brown, there was very little family debate on the choice of her name - and she was named in the middle of January 1987, after the 8 week old scraplet turned up on our doorstep.

These days Vegemite is a tad stiff in the hind quarters, and more than a trifle deaf, but still perfectly clean in the house, being fed on demand, and bright and cheerful,
and, of course, SPAYED (long ago).

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

Ooh, bookstore crawl! Dave is a lucky fellow! Happy Birthday to him!

Clinic in our fair city - NOLA or BR?
Go for it!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Happy birthday Dave and have FUN in that bookstore (Dez, I assume you won't be sitting meekly in an armchair, hands folded, just waiting for him...?)

And all the luck of the Irish on that clinic. Good girl, you GO! Will definitely make a state visit and shake paws and things.

Hell, I KNOW that awful situation when you suddenly have acres of time and NO KNITTING. It isn't something that happens too often, but when it does, it is soul-destroying.

My mother almost always gave promise notes on birthdays and delivered a few days or weeks later. She had so many projects on the go. Now that I think of it, maybe I should blame her for my own failings in that department? No, she was the one who taught me all those crafts as a toddler. Blessed be her memory, she lives on in my hands and the work they do, and I trust she knows it.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger southern gal said...

good to hear of the plans - would you email me (see blog) the details - i am originally from Baton Rouge and may be able to hook you up with some potential donors/sponsors.

sorry about the sweater not getting completed. the socks are gorgeous and book buying spree - yahoo he's a lucky man (but then you both are!)

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Best of luck with the clinic! I've been wondering what your new project was. Take advantage of the massage therapist - a good one can kill off some of those evil RSIs.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

Dez, my hubby is jealous, wants to know why Dave rates socks! I'm hoping that bowl is actually Fruit Loops and not Clown Chow??

I love the book store gift - anything to do with books/bookstore is always a hit in a our family.

Richmond, VA had (and hopefully still has) a PAL (Prevent A Liter) clinic that spayed and neutered for very good prices. If I remember accurately, the animal came home the same day, rather than spending a few days at the vets. We used their services for several strays in our old neighborhood, with great success.

Good luck with your new venture and good knitting!!

Carol in southside VA

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous diann said...

Happy Birthday to Dave from both of us!

We sure know a lot of February babies, including my sister, also on the 24th!

I've been really bad about commenting too, that's life sometimes. Missed you at Stitches and hope y'all can come next year.

I had Clawdette spayed today at our local low-cost clinic. They have a couple of major corporate sponsors - let me know if you want details.

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous oneken/unokhan said...

may the gods of finance send favorable funds your way to get that clinic going.


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