Monday, February 26, 2007

Question of the Day:

Excuse me. I just went to get a cup of hot tea (Irish Breakfast, in case you are interested, Jo). My husband asked me if I had a piece of string, and I laughed so hard, I poured a full cup of tea into the sugar bowl before I realized it wasn't a cup.

"Do you have a piece of string?"

String? In this house? That's like asking Clint Eastwood if he has any guns.

What kind of string? How many wraps per inch? What color? What fiber content?

"Plain thin white string like for wrapping a package."

Oh, okay. Yes, I have that too.

Snort. Okay, I've collected myself. I have also rinsed out the sugar bowl and plonked it in the dishwasher. Good thing it didn't have much sugar in it. Hate to waste, you know.



At 7:54 PM, Anonymous diann said...

*Giggle* *Snort*! I've heard that questions a few times, along with my personal favorites:

1. Do we have any pointy scissors?
2. Do we have anything sharp like a skewer, only thicker?

And, by the way, your letter is "P".

Love to you and Dave.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger thatfarmgirl said...

Kind of like when my ex-husband went to the hardware store and said "do you have nails?" Well, he was only six...

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous diann said...

Hi Dez -- Here's what you do with your letter: just tell us 10 things that start with that letter that you like. (It's in my entry for 2-14, I think.) Tell others to let you know if they want a letter, and then assign them one.

Have fun!


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