Monday, September 01, 2008

So far, so good.

It's about 11:00 Hawaii time, 4 p.m. for Dez, we just got off the phone. And while this storm is doing damage and continues to be dangerous, Dez, Dave and 'ohana are ok so far. There are a lot of very, very, very large trees down (many of the trees at her house are 80-100+ tall) they are ok and safe. The worst of the storm is past, but it is still very strong and the rains can do much damage. Please do not misunderstand me and think the area is out of danger. However, so far they are doing all right.

The power is off and will be off for the foreseeable future. I'll keep blogging as I know more,


Lisa Louie
Kahului, Maui, Hawaii


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