Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Congratulations to Marina McIntire...

our grand prize winner in the Unofficial Raffle to Help Knitivity Recover From Hurricane Ike...

and to Vicki Mikulak...

our second place winner.

Marina gets a skein of handspun yarn from the Knitting Asylum, a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from Lisa Louie of Maui, a pound of Mello Joy Cajun Coffee, and a box of jambalaya mix.  Vicki gets a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and a package of jambalaya mix.  

Winners were drawn at random by the Official and Impartial Feline Prize Selection Committee.  Each name was written on a piece of paper, folded, and placed in a box. The box was placed on the floor in the Official Prize Selection Chamber and the Feline Prize Selection Committee went to work.  The first name fished out of the box was Marina's, with Vicki's name following in second place.  The fact that Vicki's name was selected by cats amuses me to no end because Vicki has devoted large portions of her knitting life knitting toys and other comfort items for cats in animal shelters.  Karma in action!

And speaking of Karma, please allow me and my friend Lisa Louie of Maui to thank each and every one of you who ordered yarn from Knitivity after Hurricane Ike blasted through Galveston and Houston.  I wish there had been a prize for everyone who participated, but rest assured that those of you who didn't win in the drawing are guaranteed an intangible prize from the Universe, because I believe that the more love you spread around, the more comes back to you, so each of you who helped Ray get back on his feet by ordering yarn will get it back in Karma points.  

Marina and Vicki, your packages will be shipped within the week. 



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