Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grab Bag Typefaces! And Also, Surprise Text Sizes!

Bear with me?

I have no idea what size or typeface this text will come out in.

Thanks so much, Lisa, for stuntblogging. That's a huge help for the next few days.

Thing the first: I can access my email, but I cannot post normally or import photos because my old Compaq computer is dying. My computer guy says it was probably damaged by a power surge (even through the surge supressor) during Hurricane Gustav, when falling trees pulled down the power lines and made the nearby transformers explode, which sounded a lot like being in Iraq, only wetter, and with more wind.

Come on down for a visit next August .. we get free fireworks and entertainment along with our hurricanes!

This happened even though the computers were turned OFF and I'd thrown the breaker to the whole house shortly before it got scary outside. Apparently, Dave's surge supressor is better than mine, because his computer, albeit older, semi-incompatible with Blogger and slower, still works.

So my hard drive is locking up because it's semi-fried, and a crash is only a matter of time. I had to break down and buy a new computer, and I ordered a MacBook through our computer wizard, Jake. I could have had instant gratification and gone to the Apple store in the mall ... but I hate the mall with the exact same intensity that Khan hated Captain Kirk, and, more importantly, Jake is a noble dude who deserves our business even if he has to order things in (he is primarily in the computer-fixing business, and when he does sales, he usually outfits custom office systems, and thus he orders as needed instead of keeping inventory on the shelves). The short delay (I should have my computer by Monday or Tuesday) doesn't bother me, except that I can't post properly to my blog for a few more days.

I haven't individually replied to everyone who has emailed saying that they have ordered from Ray. I am simply saving your emails and I will draw from among them on the 16th for the grand prize. Hopefully I can update before then in a more normal fashion. So, as Lisa requested, please keep ordering from ...

... and help a hardworking and deserving fiber artist recover from Hurricane Ike.

Sorry, but I can't make a hyperlink happen on my husband's computer, so just type the knitivity address in your window, or cut and paste, or whatever works for you.

Meantime, I am at my new shop space, setting up things and painting and waiting for various members of the Village People to show up with hard hats and tool belts so I can have lights and a phone and Internet access.

But, I am excited, for out of the post-hurricane chaos arises a spinning shop, with knitting yarns and crochet supplies and some weaving things and gifty things, too. It will be an adventure.

Your patience is always appreciated.

Yesterday, I bought shelving, hooks, rods and other display-type things, as well as an L-shaped desk that will make a good retail counter.

Today, I fill out paperwork for my tax ID number so I can buy wholesale.

Tomorrow, our friend Mitch will help me paint. Part of the space is a nice bright white, but the front room is a dull beige (someone back in 1992 probably thought it was a "neutral taupe") and that dirty tan just won't do. So, out with the paper-bag brown, and in with a crisp lettuce green, which I am told is also a good Feng Shui color for prosperity, which I'll need. It's also a happy color for me. I'm mainly a green kind of gal, with strong preferences for ocean colors of all kinds as well. This lettuce green makes me happy.

Meanwhile, if you want pretty things to look at, go on over to the Knitivty site and buy some yarn. I am adding a bag of Mello Joy coffee, dark-roasted in Cajun Country, and a package of jambalaya mix to the prize bin, along with a skein of my handspun, and some chocolate-covered macadamia nuts donated by Lisa Louie of Maui.

More soon!


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At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Xeres said...

Yey, Dez! Yey on the internet thing, boo for the dead computer, YEY for the macbook, and Yippee for the yarn/spinning shop! How excitement for you!

I'm happy I ordered from Ray and particularly happy I ordered before the exchange rate went all to $h1t (we were about ninety-something cents to your dollar and now we are bak to 65 cents). That will probably be the last purchase from the States that I make for a little while!


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